Impact measurement can help your projects increase the positive change they create on people & the planet, & reduce any negative effects. 

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Design multiple surveys per project to collect data for different stages of Impact Measurement—Baseline, Input-data, Output-data & Outcome-data.

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Your team can access the surveys on our mobile app or simply via a link.

All data collected is aggregated in real-time & available on your data dashboard. 

You can extract the data to use it the way you need

Our Geo-location technology allows to know where the data is being recorded.

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No matter how chaotic the outside world is—Artemis makes sure your project data is reliable, up-to-date, and well-organized.

Easily oversee Impact Measurement & Management for all your projectsall at one place


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"After going through the app I find that it is so easy to use and effective tools even for non highly advanced in technology like I am. I believe that it will be really helpful for the community looking forward to the training."

Rima Widyasari, BullyID

Organizations that regularly measure their impact see better results and build more trust with their donors.  

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